Marunong ako ng konting Japanese…ganito ako natuto…:)

Is this your property? Arimoto?
Yes, this is my property. Arikoto.
Is this yours? Sayobato?
This is mine. Sakinitu.
Can I have it? Akinato?
You can have it. Sayonato
Can we have it? Aminato?
You can have it. Sanyonato
Later. Sakana
She looks like you. Kamukamu.
You haven’t washed your face. Mimutamatamo.
Are you nervous? Kakabakaba?
Are you a loyal customer? Sukikaba?
Just surrender. Sukunakasi.
I give up. Sukona
Remember? Araramo
I remember. Ararako
Go and work! araro-na!
You’ve grown so thin! Kitanabutomo
You are very thin! Purokabuto!
We saw each other. Kitakami.
We had a big get-together. Kitakitakami.
I have a lot of things to do! Hironako!
Is this your car? Otomo to?

This is my car. Oto koto.
Have a drink before you go. Tomakamuna.
That was my assumption. Inakarako.
This is my desk. Itodesko!
We will boycott the election. Kaminoboto.
Underarm. KiriKiri.
Speechless? Wasabe?
What are your thoughts? Kuru-kuromo
Are you a victim of discrimination Minamatakaba??
Are you playing the guitar?
Is this your underwear? Jakee moto?
Ouch! Haraiku!
What a sad life it is. Hainaku.
You’re crazy!!! Sirauromo!!!
I’m going to leave you. Sawanako
You’re drooling!!! Turorawayka!!
Just take it! Sayonarang!
What’s so funny? Tawakajan?
End. Warana


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