Lord teach me to number my days

And Graph them according to Your ways

Trusting you to base me in Your plan

To complement Your perfect diagram

Subtract the points You don’t want for me

But add the values You set from me

Divide the dividends I possess accordingly

So I can multiply them systematically

Draw the lines I have to follow

Guiding me properly of Your arrow

Because sometimes I tend to be irrational

Yet all the while You want to be rational

Well, I learn that life is like a slope

With ascents and descents I must cope

Going through such a wonderful formula

Is just like solving problems in Algebra

Life indeed is an infinite equation

Perfected by eternal computation

And I only minuscule projection

Giving thanks and praise to Your

Almighty creation.




  1. ohyes i really hate math up to the highest level!
    kahit na minsan nkong nging “highest” sa klase nuong first year college sa statistics..
    di prin ako kumbinsido sa mathematical ability ko..
    bobo ko sa math kea nga saludoq sa mga engineering students kse alam nateng maraming math don.
    lalo n seu kuya..
    math major kpa..
    galing mu??
    hehe nlilito prin ako sa algebra til now..
    pasalamat tlaga at nkapsa pko dun.
    hehe nice blogs kuya..

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