That Friday evening, the guy had to finish a report due early Saturday
morning, and was forced to go home alone at past 11:00 in the evening. No
one was already inside the building, except for the reception desk guard on
the ground floor and the roving guard. It was quite dark at the lobby ofthe
30th floor as most of the lights were already turned off.

 The workaholic guy instinctively pressed the “down” button. The door
opened without anyone inside.. He went in, pressed “G” for ground floor and
stayed near the elevator door. Without any warning, the elevator raced up.
He tried to press the “down” button again and again, but it continued to go
up. When it reached the 35th floor, the elevator stopped! That floor was
once occupied by a multinational company whose expat Iranian manager was
rumored to have been acting strangely and was said to have been involved
with different women of questionable characters. The company closed shop
after a sex scandal that involved a woman whose private parts were strewn on
the 35th floor. Attributed to the glut in Makati office spaces, the 35th
floor remained untenanted to date.

 The door opened, and a beautiful Caucasian woman, wearing a long black
dress accenting her white, flawless skin entered the elevator and stood
beside him. The guy was wondering who she was. Her face seemed familiar but
he could not recall where he saw her. He asked himself… who was she, and
why was she going home only at this time when it was nearly midnight?

 Why was she alone? Why was she dressed in an evening gown? Why did she
emerge from the 35th floor? Why was she acting strangely? He wanted to
strike a conversation with her, but since he was scared, he just kept
silent. The sound of silence could be heard loudly while the elevator went
down from one floor to another…34…33… 32… 31… 30…29… then
suddenly… on the 13th floor… the lights in the elevator went out.

 The elevator suddenly stopped. The darkness was pitch black… He pressed
the emergency button in near panic… but no help came his way. He then
began to smell a very foul odor, something rotten… something obnoxious.

 Goose pimples covered his skin… his heart beat faster, a cold sweat
broke out.

 He could not breathe, he wanted to get out of the elevator as fast as he
can. He began to pray and tried to calm himself….. He moved backwards
slowly to cover his back…… And as luck would have it, the lights came
back. He got startled. The woman was now behind him ….she gave him a cold
stare and a shrill, eerie laughter emanated from the woman…..She waved her
hand at him and Said………..


“Sorry,………NAUTOT ako…….. GALIT KA?”


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