Suspend the Disbelief, Savor the Experience


When you kissed me, for whatever reason, you did it as if it were real. As if we waited a thousand years and travelled a million miles to finally connect. As if your very life was caused by the vision of this magical moment, when our lips touched and caressed each other. Suspend whatever disbelief you may have, let all eyes staring at us dissolve in the darkest of nights, and make this kiss as intense as when the universe started from an infinitesimal singularity. And when finally our mouths meet, feel the power of twenty thousand horses charging, barging, rolling, exploding; and then gradually, like multi-colored ribbon swirling in the air slowly descending into the grays of a dry, windless evening, it tapers into a tender touch at my nape, crawling to my cheeks, eyes slowly waking to the reality of an empty, meaningless kiss. Life moves on as if nothing happened, yet my spirit is bursting with a wonderful memory of an experience savored to the last drop.


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