after so many months i cried again. i really dont like crying. its like your feeling pity to yourself. we are starting to fall apart. he was there somewhere i cant go to, and im here, always waiting for him to give me some time. he is always working and working and im still waiting and waiting. i wish that somebody will love me(maybe i can go back to that mongoloid) who can really treat me the way (almost the way) i wanted too. i know that, we are spending less time with each and the gap is very huge. i know that we will break up soon. maybe i can do the way that a friend did to break up with her bf, kissing somebody and telling it to your special someone. but there is that question again, do i still love him???? yes… but tired so much. its like youve given everything but everything is not enough but still wanted give that more than everything until you dont have anything for yourself. you just sit in a corner and cry and pity myself for crying.


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