i know that pinoy love sleeping… mostly when its our rest day. i cant deny that i also love sleeping specially when the weather is cold and raining.  when i was going home from work yesterday there is this chubby guy sleeping inside the jeep. his not sleeping holding the railing but he was sitting pretty,  head on the board by the window and he was wearing eyeglasses. then beside him is a poor old man coping from the sudden tap on his shoulder by the head of the chubby guy and not to mention his wide spread legs. darn! i say to myself, if punching him will be a nice to do, i will. the old man move his body forward so he will not get any contact from the head of the guy but this makes it worst. this time the whole body of the chubby guy was going down to his back and everytime he will be slightly awake, he just return to his original position and the same thing happens again.  i really dont like people sleeping on jeepney specially cause its so irritating. remember that your not the only people inside the vehicle. there are other people around you too. i think that law makers should make a law regarding sleeping in PUV. punishment: death penalty!

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