6:36, this is the time i went home. i always walk from the office to where the jeepney picks up passengers. i dont but i tried because this is a very unusual day cause we have 1 hour and 30 minutes for our luch ( over staff kasi),  i didnt know why salary is huge (talagang huge) but there are problems with BPI atms so we cant make any withdrawal. i not in the rush to rode a jeepney but i got lots of thing that i need to do. go to the market to buy a table, watch a movie and cook lunch. a jeepney going to antipolo pass by and because i was waiting a ride in the prohibited place so i grab the handle of the jeep’s entrance and jump to the steps to enter the jeepney. when i was inside, i sat on the most comfortable as possible. not 5 minutes has pass but we are still at one san miguel building. 5 minutes has pass and we are still there. gahaman na driver. i can see the irritations on passengers faces. then we move and stop in capitol, 5 minutes wasted again. rosario, 5 minutes more. floodway, 3 minutes, junction, 10 minutes. i dont know why LTO issues driver’s license to this jeepney driver. i think that LTO should do have a special agent who rides jeepney and they should undergo observation. if they dont pass no driver’s license renewal. then they can apply after 10 years pa. that might put drivers in matinong driving.


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