I don’t know about you, but I believe I was born this way. And I know, I can feel it with every fiber of my being, that I came in not just being this way, but intending to be this way. I hit the ground running and here I am. And then I lived in this world that has so many wonderful things about it and I began to see among the wonderful things, things that were not quite so wonderful. And those things pained me because I want a wonderful world. Not just for myself but for others. Somehow I have never been able to separate myself from others. I care about life. I care about well-being. I care about upliftment. I want people to be joyful. I want to be joyful. So in the living of life I gave birth – I could feel it happen – to all kinds of new ideas. I have a dream about the way life can be upon this planet. I see a time where people can live among one another in a variety of personalities, in a variety of genders, in a variety of financial and sexual and all – every other kind of – orientations.

I see a world of such diversity that provides us strength and basis for mighty expansion. I see a world where in our differences we find our true strengths. I see a world where as we come together in our differences – not agreeing with one another but understanding that our differences provide the basis from which we all create and that in this creation there is enough for all of us. I understand that this is unlimitedness. I no longer believe in shortage. I no longer see limitations and lack. I now understand that people don’t have to think what I think in order for me to think it, or be what I be in order for me to be it. I now understand that I am unlimited and that all along that this dream that I have dreamed has been dreamed by others and has been lived by many and I am now making claim to all of you that I intend to now live my dream. I am free to be as I be. I think the thoughts that give me the resonance of that and I’m no longer going to ask the impossible of the world to come into alignment with what I want because I don’t want world alignment. I want diversity. The diversity is the basis of that which we are becoming. I need and want only alignment between me and my dream. [Abraham through Esther Hicks]

I so resonate with this that I thought of sharing this with all of you. May you be inspired and edified with this as much as I was. Thank you, Esther Hicks.


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