i woke up 5 in the morning yesterday because its election day.  i log in to the comelec website and found out that im a registered voter. maybe my one vote will make a change. i dont know but its kinda excited cause this is he first election i will be participating. i got to the percint 8:12, lucky there are few people who are trying to vote…. disappointed, yes because im hoping that people will go to our percint and vote early. number 23…. go in to our subdivision club house. a election board of assistance hand me the candidate’s list and whoa!!! its long… i went to a chair where i can sit comportably. get the pen (looking amaze) and start to shade. one president, one vice persident, two senators (choosy ako), one party list and no local official… i dont know them. i still remember that afternoon where they disturb me with their loud music parading in our street. start to stand up line to the PCOS machine. like a monster my candidate’s list was eaten by the machine then came out again. like a food being fed to a baby and its bitter.  rotate the paper and it was accepted. CONgrats! then i put the ink on my finger and now im happy. even the candidates that i voted will not win of course at least ive tried and not voted for candidates who are on the top of the survey….


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