i dont like to put a blame to something that i didnt do. im just here, laying in the living room, electric fan directly hitting me and writing down my thoughts.  but i should say im really affected. well, what else i can think off… but you putting the blame on me. i dont know why do you think i did it. maybe because this place is revolving only with us and you dont have any finger to point to but me.  i dont know but maybe this is one of those times that your hallucinating. its really funny when i think that your being gaga over something that dont exist. if something is gone even if its lock well, someone might be playing a pratical joke on you. i dont do the things your are labeling me. im a good person (well everyone is a good person on their on way). maybe  i dont have the guts to tell you face to face but your being chase by your own shadow. its not my fault that everything is starting to be missing from you. let me tell you, with the character you do have im sure everything will be lose… i mean everything. i think im a bad person for wishing you bad things for the future. i cant think of any good eh. you might be happy and contented now but how about if you will start to lose not only things but persons. i would say GOODLUCK to you!


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