with my swelling right eye, the makulimlim weather and my craving for something to eat made me the man i am now. i know its been a long time since i come to work. im not against it but because my stupid right eye is swelling and it has nana. until earlier it keeps on bursting blood. thank you dr orptha, my eye will be great tomorrow or the next day. havent you notice the weather this past few days? its like raining and very dull… i was singing in my head “rain rain go away”. because of the not so hot weather, our airconditioned room is very cold (maybe the reason why its colder now is because i just clean it).  i also thought that i can used my new (the bottled inspired) umbrella but i didnt. and because its cold and i dont have nothing to do i decided to cook sopas. i dont know, when i first tried cooking sopas the taste od it was very spas-sy. for the pass two experiments (i prepared it that why), one is so milky and the second was so maalat. i lessen the use of evaporated milk on the second one and try to have an equal mix of patis, but it ended up maalat. i dont know but i know im missing an ingredient. i dont put vegies on it. hay… getting back to m professional life very soon.


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