i dont know but the wheather in lur room is kinda…HOT! ive open all the windows and doors in the second floor but the heat was still there. just got back yesterday from the trip to pangasinan which i really enjoyed.  weve attended a wedding which i should say was very nice. i thought that i was just a wedding with the theme of green and white but it was inspired by a beach wedding. that’s the reason why the entourage are on like a tamed down black barong and sandals. while me was wearing my mickey mouse red tshirt and maong pants. first time at SM Rosales which is literally round. it really hard to communicate with language barrier. “kuya dadaan ba ito sa cozy place resort?” “wen” which means yes. i also experience the normal province life for almost 2 hours cause of the transpo. imagine to wait 45 minutes just to go to SM which i also paid 7php and the actual fare was 15php ( siguro kung masamang loob lang yung konduktor baka sinalvage na ako). going back to the resort is also hard. its easy to get a ride from SM but the wait time from the market and we even stop in a junction which by the way we are like stranded like the jeepney was not going to move anymore. another 45 minutes. i just think that this is how  people in the province are wasting their time.  time in he province is very slow. Sun Cellular signal is also bad in the area (maybe that’s the reason why there is no Sun Shop at SM). the room that got for us to rest is small for seven people but some did go back to manila early morning the next day. but to summarize the whole first day, it was tiring but also fun and exciting – 09-18-2010


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