“pagod na ang katawan lupa ko” that is my status in my Facebook account. one of my friend dare to ask WHY? i said that ive been all over the places i should say. been in ortigas for my training, home (i like to call our house home because with that word its with love, but that’s another topic), Chowking (i bought our very late dinner), home again, hospital, SM Taytay, hospital again, and late for work (two hours, i think). i dont know but very thing turns bad since yester after we have been admitted in the hospital. cant withdraw cash on the ATM machine, not good room (by the way its HMO covered), lots of mosquito (and that’s we call hospital) and i cant sleep ok cause of the bench. i dont want my personal getting in the way of my professional life (gumaganon).  but even i didnt get so much sleep and didnt eat more than i should, im happy that his ok. everything is about him. i think i deserve a thank (or an IPAD for Christmas) – chito


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