I love this photo. I took it, in my beloved alma mater many years ago. As I look at this image I am transported back to those years, my college years in UP Diliman. I was sort of a wonder kid back then. I was told that no “normal” guy takes B.S. Physics in UP. Unless, they say, you’re a nerd, or simply, suicidal. But I did take up Physics. I was not satisfied with that though. I knew I could do better than just graduate with a degree people were scared of. I was gunning to graduate Summa Cum Laude. No joke. I was on my way there, swimming in a sea of uno, when suddenly, in my third year, my Biology professor gave me a shocking cinco. At such a tender age I almost couldn’t accept that my grand dream of graduating Summa would in a blink of an eye turn into a tragic car wreck that is a cinco. It was like a big, bright, high noon that, in just a minute, turned into a bleak, blackening sunset. I was devastated beyond words. Looking back, I can only smile.

* * * 

All through my college years I was a member of a Catholic religious group called Opus Dei


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