Do you know what one conversation can do?

It was one ordinary Sunday evening, after all the weekend duties have been dusted off and accomplished, when I have arranged to meet with somebody for the very first time. What the universe had in store for me I did not know.

We sat across each other in the coffee shop, almost ceremoniously. I started talking, as I usually do in such situations. He started talking too. I followed up with questions, which i had so many. And he offered answers. He shifted by asking me questions too, and while this was not usual for me, I gladly answered. Sometimes I would grasp for things to say, not because I didn’t have any but because his questions were truly worthy of introspection. It was staccato at first, but soon enough I felt it flowing, energy from him to me, me to him. He would smile every now and then, his eyes fixed on mine. He would reference what I previously said, and it made me feel he really was listening. The shifting of who asks and who answers later became seamless. I noticed myself laugh sometimes, and he was laughing too. When i would pause for a bit, he would pause too, without removing his gaze on me, if only to respect the sacred dance that was happening. He would move forward, I’d follow. I would suggest another move, and he’d respond. Each step was moving us both upward, up until where it seemed like the rest of the world vanishes, and it was just us and nobody else. We both didn’t notice, but it was already more than 4 hours of intense conversation.

This dance of a conversation felt uniquely edifying. It was as if I was being ushered in to my own overwhelming greatness for the first time, something I have up until then only half-known and half-joked about. It reminded me of my special place in this world, a much larger space than who I have allowed myself to become, that place where I am not only worthy but incandescent and sparkling. It called forth something inside me, stirring and responding on its own volition, that splinter of the divine that perfects me all the time yet I never recognized. It reminded me of the best part of myself, shone a light on it, and inspired me to once again offer it to the world, a most fitting oblation.

This is what one conversation can do.


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