the whole week was a rollercoaster of emotions for me. maybe because im a Gemini (born June 17, 1984) that’s the reason why im so fragile with emotions. when i was young, there are two emotions that i only have, happy and sad. happy when i put sand in my hard and started to comb it off, when i was reading my trasnformer car, when my mother and i went to Tropical Hut and she will buy me spaghetti (which is by the way my favorite comfort food) and lots of other happy thing. on the other hand, i become sad (which result sometimes in crying) when my father dont want me to come when he is going out (i make banta that i will throw his clothes on the canal). now i cant remember sad moments of my young life. my childhood is my happiest time of my life. now that im a grown up, emotions invade the youthful emotions i have. no traces of my childhood happiness and some simple things that can make me smile. i think that sadness is a powerful emotion with us grown ups. it strikes to our human beings and somewhere in these wall of emotion, i hope we can find those childhood emotions that we thought we have lost.


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