i dont know but i have a lot of ideas to write today. about sex, foods (which is my first choice of topic to write) and my sleepless morning. then one of my officemate told my other officemate about a note that she post in her notes. i hate really writing about love. WHY? love is a big word to explain personally or even in writing. but i read her note and suddenly i decided to write about her blog. she open her blog with this quote that she mentioned strike her “ang true love ay para sa matatapang na tao”. as she did, i thought it over and over. then i realize, all of us are strong people. we tell the risk, we take the risk and  we accept the risk. risk is part of not only love but in everything we do. love is like a cycle. you giggle, be happy, have fights, break ups, healed and be ready for the next love to come to your life. we should not hope for the best, but we need to get the best.i agree that life is boring without risk and love. maybe those two words are some kind of related ( they might be twins with different parents). if the risk will be worthy, go for it. because if you dont what ifs might rise in the future and might regret taking risk.


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