i would like to talk about zodiac signs about mine which is a gemini and my special someone whic is a taurus. gemini (born from May 21 to June 20) are very talkative, thinks unusual and likes to work with multiple task at the same time which i can say that is true. Geminis dont like being alone and feeling tied down. i dont know but being a gemini, when the moon is full, i feel an overflowing energy and i feel so lively. with my special someone, he is a taurus. it said that he is patience, loving, jealous and possessive. i would agree that their sign really wanted luxury, comfort, pleasure and good food. i also notice that Taurus is some what likes sex a lot. with our compatibility, i should say that im the noisy one and he do have a formal personality. he likes to be a steady and me being restless. on a positive note, we both like attention. yes, we are. and i think that putting the sign aside its a great combination.


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