i still remember the first day weve meet. its in cubao, fairmart to be exact. 2nd floor national bookstore. me coming from my OJT, you coming from home. the first time i saw you, your wearing red hanging shirt, penshoppe pants and your carrying your thick chemistry book. casual hi’s and hello’s. i must admit that i had a crush on you. we went to the foodcourt and i ate but i cant remember what did i ate. then you accompany me to the jeepney stop. i went to 7/11 to buy gulp and we parted ways. i thought it will be a one time meet up. we exchanged text messages with good mornings and good nights. you wanted to us to be a couple but im not ready yet. i cant remember but this is in December of 2004, i decided that we should be a couple. im about to answer you when me and my college friends had our christmas party that ive invited you but you didnt come. then i answered you night of December 19, 2004 and i know in your texts that your happy. dont deny it, your happy! youve said before that youve prayed for it (and i think its an answered prayer). i texted you back “pero di pa kita kayang mahalin ng 100% pero we can take it one at a time”. you said it was ok. the second time we went out was on my high class reunion. yes, we are the couple of the night. lots of people asked me who you are and im proud to say that your my special someone. then its also the first time we slept together as a couple. i know that your nervous and all but i calm you down and make sure that everything was ok. i just remembered that you have used a different name the first time ive meet you. Russell right? im really kilig when you went to my school to pick me up and we have our simple dates. you said to me that you really loved the phone that your using because you save each and every messages that ive sent to you. then i realized that you really loved me


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