i remember the first time weve fight. its a non sense fight. its about you picking up from school but your late. you know how i hate being late. then im with my college classmates. youve texted me but i didnt answered and you started texting my college friend. you asked her to help you makipagbati with me. this is so funny when i remember this day. i dont know where your are. me and my friend was sitting in a club house inside our school. to make a long story short, weve well by the end of the day. the first time i went to your school. i know the first time ive pick you up from your school was intense. this is the first time im meeting your friends. comparing my classmates to yours was in a different level ( especially with the courses weve took). ive met them one at a time and you said that this is the first time your introducing someone special to your friends. i thought i must be special. the first church we went to together is in st joseph parish church. we always pray in their little chapel. our first monthsary came. i must admit that i dont usually celebrate monthsary. we went to our chapel and exchange gifts. i bought you a white teddy bear with a pillow on the hand with the words “i love you”. i didnt expect you to be creative on your gift. it was wrap in news paper and tear the cover, another sheet of newspaper. i know that there are messages on every two newspaper i tear. a cd of Kitchie Nadal was your gift. i know that Kitchie was playing on your foundation day and ive asked you to asked for her autographed. i didnt imagine that my Kitchie Nadal’s signature will be on her cd. it was my first real gift from a special someone and i could tell you that i still have the cd in my collection.


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