ive been in the call center industry for almost 5 years and with that time i only worked for 3 companies. im not really intending to work in the BPO company. i wanted to be a regular morning employee. it almost take me a year to have a job after graduating from college. my first call center company is in makati, its a sales account. i should say that the company build the foundation of my call center agent personality. ive matured and grew from my slang English, communication and selling skills. after 2 years ive been promoted from level one to two. same duty, higher salary. i tired to be promoted to the next level or my dream postion, QA. but ive failed two times. i dont know if it my supervisor’s fault or the system but i can assure to myself its not mine. i love and embrace my first real job. even though i attempted a lot of times to leave the company, i cant cause of the bonding that i establish with my beautiful supervisor and friends. then she got promoted and i was transfered to another team. i dont know but the depression of the supervisor really affects the performance of the team. my supervisor is always depress maybe because she is having a love life crisis. and i should say that this supervisor i didnt like. she uttered  something to me that i didnt like. she said to me once on our one-on-one “napapagod na ba tayo chichi? bat di ka na lang magresign?”. that’s too much. i kept quite and listen to her nonsense teaching about sales and QA. inside my mind i was thinking ” bat di ikaw ang magresign kasi magulo ng buhay mo, ayusin mo muna”. one thing that i didnt like is when im about to be transfered from a new shift and supervisor, its a slap on my face. my shift is about to end in fifteen minutes, access my supervisor’s email and found out about it. i texted my beautiful supervisor regarding with this, inform her about what going to happen and due to her concern to me, she texted my current supervisor. then weve talked and my shift manager talked to the people that are going to be transfered. i should say that im happy to leave her miserable team. i was transfered to a new supervisor. i like this new team and my new shift manager. i was like a POC of this team which i dont really like (or maybe because on my previous team there are a lot of maeepal). then i got tired selling and the pressure on the program is too much (especially when the long hold trophy was transfered to another site). i lost interest on the company and decided to resign… yes, you heard me right! ive resign!


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