after a few months, i started to apply for a new work. i got two companies in mind and i applied. i passed the two companies but still decided to go for the performer. i didnt expect to have the same account in this company. i must admit that training is much more easier because i handle this account before. maybe with the different system and AHT (average handling time). its also my first time to have survey. everytime, customers are calling, resolve or unresolve, they might be receiving a surprise survey which will ask them how did the last agent assisted you. the answer that you wanted to have is YES, DK or NA is acceptable. when you got a NO,all an agent needs to do is defend his or herself from the correct process that you did. in this company, ive met a lot of interesting people. got a beautiful product trainer, a weird nesting supervisor, a one day supervisor, a supervisor that forgot that im his agent, bully agents and lots more. nesting was pressured for all of us and after the whole process, three or four from our wave  was discontinued. sad but we need to move one. me and three others are assign in a team for one day and transfered to another team. my second day in production floor was my most memorable. why? i really dont know who are my teammates (no formal introduction), lunch time and i ate lunch alone (loner). then they didnt return. WTF!? is there a meeting or did they transfer stations? then my supervisor return with two of his agent. “Nakalimutan ko palang agent kita (laughter on the side). VTO na”. then the girl told me to log out. i said but its not log out time and she said “kaya nga VTO”. what a foreign term… VTO…what is it? i didnt ask what it is right away. i asked my other officemate. it means “voluntary time out” and it means that you can go home early and you will not be paid for the the early log out. then as the day pass by, i got used in this VTO scenario. but the salary was suffering. yes, because on this company you are paid by the hour your taking calls. i would say that the life style that i have on my previous company i cant have it her. my first salary day came. i never imagine that getting a salary (without ATM) is really hard. long line and angry payroll personels facing the agents. this is one of the worst on this company (that time). then i was transfered to a new supervisor. i should say that this is the team i wanted to belong. its like an all gay team, well, almost. first time to go to Baguio with a team and its really memorable. then i was transfered to the RTR (or the supervisor for this program “road to resignation”). ive learned a lot from this RTR and improve my customer care skills. its only for a month and i was back again in the production floor with a different team. this team do have issues inside it (and also outside). the supervisor i should say is the worse and when i return to RTR i was glad. when i was in the RTR program, someone told me that my previous supervisor told them “na kahit saan mo ako ilagay magaling ako”. when i heard that statement, if your a good supervisor then why are you a supervisor still after years in this company. then i was back to my super like supervisor and ive performed well for three months. then ive return to RTR. this might be a sign that i need to go. and yes i seperated myself to this company. and for the first time, the operation manager spoken to me why i am resigning. but that talk didnt stop me from leaving. ive joined the last team building which is full of revelations and goodbyes. this is the company that i truly enjoyed the last 15 days. lots of nice memories to remember and to keep.


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