just to set the record straight, i resigned on my previous company because of salary. not the account, the supervisor, our boss or any personal matter. i wanted to grow in this field of business but not with this company. in a snap of a finger, i decided to reapply to the company that accepted me the same time as my second company hired me. of course, i got hired right away. ive process my requirements and about to start in five days. then a call from HR and she said that there is a problem in my medical. maybe becaue i was high blood and was given a week to observe. i went first to the clinic close to the office but i wasnt able to get a clearance. then i decided to go to a hospital close to our home and finally i got a medical certificate that is stating that im fit to work. in this company, im thinking everybody was professional. and let me tell you that this will be my very first technical account. being a not techie person this is going to be hard for me. its really hard for me. the training was a struggle for me. i love the games the we are playing especially the guessing games. i just realize that most technical agents are boys, few are girls and half of the boys are gays. call centers cant be complete without gays right. this is also my first time handling an account that has a lot of tools and issues. i thought at first that every customers do have different issues. and with a little bit of accounting. it really easy to navigate the system that we are going to use but the solution to an issue is hard. if you have typed the wrong word, sentence or question, everything will be wrong. what i love is the long average handling time and unlimited after call work. but of course it will be taken against your total AHT. since the week of nesting started, i was filled with fears. yes, fears cause i might not be able to resolve customer’s issues or something might go wrong. and from the time that im writing story, i havent really resolved any single issue. that’s frustrating. i was thinking that it was a wrong move for me to accept the offer for tech support. if this would be sales or care or even billing, i might be more comfortable. its like having this job for the first time. everything i need to learn first. i will set aside all my issues and focus on this job. and i hope, by the end of the day, i can say that i love this job. wink!


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