when can you tell if your friends with someone? when i was thinking about what to write for today, an officemate me asked me about a certain “friend” in my facebook account that requested to add him on her list. i asked “what is her name?”. when he mention the name and i dont recall who is it, he just press “ignore” on the friend request. i started to think what does the word “friends” mean? ive looked up in the dictionary and it means that “a person whom one knows, likes and trusts”. in my own dictionary, friends are people youve known a long time  who can tell your secrets, problems and enjoy being with. some people think that when you meet someone it means that they are friends. if someone asked me if we are friends with a people that i really dont know, i told them that i know that person or ive seen them. i dont label them as friends. being friends have deeper meaning i think. thats the reason why sometimes, when your sad or happy, their always there on the side. lending an ear for listening, a smile to give, a shoulder to cry on and a helping hand to give. thats the time i can call you my friend.


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