all i want is to eat good food and cook. when you like to eat, sometimes you dont know how to cook and other way around. when you know how to cook, you dont eat the food you prepared cause you want others to appreciate it. and when you eat you want to enjoy it. i should say that i love good food and eat. i also know how to cook (with the help of a cook book). i love eating spaghetti. its my comfort food. i also learned to cook it a year ago. when i move out from our home so i can establish my solo life. started to boil the spaghetti noodles, and get ready sauce. yes, i should say that my first attempt to cook this food is a success. but after two plates, i started to get dizzy. maybe too much ground beef. then i learned to cook ulam for lunch and dinner. setting aside from cooking eggs, hotdogs and some preservatives. i also love some chocolates, and ice creams. ice creams always makes me feel like a child. it gives me my kiddie smile. i dont like fish, shrimps and hard to eat sea creatures. i dont like the deboning and unshelling. call me lazy, but i dont do that. but i should say there are delicious. i know that there are alot of foods that i want, would like and will try to cook. maybe, a culinary school would help me with dream or explore it by myself. but for now i will enjoy my cotton candy in hand and give my big childish smile. 😀


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