dear GOD,

i dont know but suddenly i got an idea to write you. i dont have any important thing to say or to think because i know that maybe your left (or right) ear is listening to someone who is praying for peace and a good life for the future. you might be busy with other things and maybe my little prayer will get through to a million prayers your hearing every minute of every hour in a day with in a year. i dont argue with your existance and doubt your teaching (which i did before). i would like to tell how my day was. i dont know but it was not my ordinary day. should i define my ordinary day? nah.i started my day crying. yup, you heard it right, crying. its been awhile since ive cried. then i realize why im crying. im not happy. yes, you heard it right again, im not happy. then i remember someone told me before that you choose to be happy or sad for the rest of your life. so dont blame your unhappiness to someone or something. yes, that is correct. i asked myself who am i blaming for this unhappiness. i think who or what is causing this unhappiness. then i dug deeper to myself, to the core of my human being. i dont want to blame my misery to another thing or life form so i can have a escape plan. maybe everybody needs a escape route for the accuring or future unhappiness. i realize that i dont have anything to be unhappy about. maybe i just wanted to cry cause i have a lot of salty water flowing in my body. i stop crying and sobbing, then i smile and like a good movie, the sun is shining on my window



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