have you ever love someone who cant love you back? i did. its like fighting a world war without any single weapon in hand. what i did? i just hug him really tight and i thought that the hug will compensate with all the feelings that ive wasted. then i uttered “sorry”. i just realized what im sorry about… im sorry because ive fallen in love with him? im sorry because the feeling is not mutual? im sorry because even i know that im not your type, i still said that i love you? maybe i can come up with a million reasons why and im sorries but it will not change a thing. i must admit that ive cried over this. ive cried for a love that i cant get, only i like to give. i once said that we can have a one way relationship and i hope you would agree but you dont. i started to move away in the intent to forget about you. your face, voice and scent. yes, ive even memorize on my mind how you smell the night ive hugged you. i dont know but i smelled your tshirt when i hugged you. i think its the best move that ive ever done. if i havent told you it might be a regret for me. thank you for not regreting my feelings and taken me for granted.  thank you  for once i realize that youve cared for me. its still a thing i can never regret.


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