i dont know, having this square side relationship is really hard for me. i was shock when ive learned that my ex is here, in this company. i think he’d seen me already and maybe i put some glances on him. he is still wearing the same polo and the same smile on his face that i really love. its been long time already. maybe years already. ive even forgotten why and how did i fall in love woth him. its not an odd feeling for the two of us. then i tried to remember why did we broke up. well, that’s the story of my past. currently im with someone and i really contented and i love him so much. maybe there are flaws and all, but everything is working out right. he always get mad at me and being a good boy i always say sorry. its a story i can share for another note. then i met this guy. i didnt know but this guy is not really my type. his far away from my ideal guy which i will not go to. well, everybody do have an ideal guy or girl i suppose. im starting to like him. its not bad to have crushes. its normal. its like im traveling in my straight road and i went to the shortcut to him. i always tell myself not to fall in love. im happy where i am and what i have. wearing a smile on my face.


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