last year, Dec 29, 2009, i did my resolution and only one of the three main resolution i did this 2010. im happy because me and my family are okay now. after being away for almost a year, their are still there for me. i just realize that when you feel your lonely and alone, the only person you can run to is your family and the only place you can always go back is our home. thank you for the acceptance. yes, did get a new phone which is my samsung corby. its all touch and its a fun phone. if we havent bullied sun cellular, they might not given us this phone in the first place. that’s the things ive done for 2010 that its included in my 2009 resolution.

for the not, the main resolution that didnt happen is to have a Dingdong Dantes. in the first few days of January 2010, ive exercise a lot and ate oaks. the same thing happen last quarter of 2010, but because food is so delicious and im to lazy, i just maintain the body i have last year. i promise myself that as early as today (Dec 27, 2010) i will start my work out which i did early this morning. i will be leaner and sexier next year promise. save money… this is really hard for me because i have lots of luho like dvds, cds, clothes, books and helping the family. i must admit that i havent saved that big. i promise that next salary i will open a bank account with BDO to start my saving. what i need to do is to lessen my Quiapo days cause i dont have a place for my dvds, cds, clothes and books. overload na kung baga. i havent bought a new dvd player yet and my player can only play cds and vcds.

my 2011 resolutions:

1. exercise and eat right for a heathier, sexier and beautiful me for 2011 (naks).

2. save more money for traveling and everything important for future use.

3. more time for myself on the things that i wanted to do and buy.

4. buy more clothes and shoes for porma. no more skinny jeans for me unless my legs will be sexy to.


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