the first time we eat out is in Sta Lucia Mall at frio mixx. i remember its chicken and you said that you love that place cause of the ambiance and their comfortable couches. we also love eating at tokyo tokyo especially when our favorite service crew will greet us and say goodbye to us. i also remember the time weve eat at your fave eatery near your school and we also ate at my fave tapsilugan in our school. i just realize that your very sensitive about cleaniness specially when it comes to food. you dont eat street foods… yeah i know. weve enjoyed having the large red iced tea from tokyo, C2 from 7/11 and gulp. the first time we have our out of town trip is in laguna. it was our college outing. i know that it should be a fun outing but conflicts arise. then we went to another place where weve slept on a bed that we shouldnt have. then we went to the river and it was so much fun. i know that my friends really like you. then the days and months pass exchanging cards with messages and letters. its a life love balnce for the both of us. your busy with your subjects and im busy with my projects. but i know that every relationship, there is also fights.


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