yes, i must admit that our relationship is always about happy moments and cotton candies. yes ive cried a lot in this partnership. when we fight i always though that it might be the end for the two of us. i can still remember the first time ive fight so bad. i was riding fx going to work and music in my mp3 is playing. the song in the end remix by linkin park started to play and tears started to run from my eyes. yes… you might say that im crazy cause im crying at a song that is not even a love song. i aways lift my head up cause i dont want other passengers to notice. i just remember what an officemate told me once that when your broken hearted all songs are love songs. of course, .fights wont be complete with punches and screaming. yes this is whats happening to us on our 3rd or 4th year. i always tell myself that this is the end but it always return to each others arms. the worst was when i tear up all the memories we journalized and punched the mirror. its the baddest. i dont know but when im mad, you make amo me and if you got mad, i dont care. youve said that in every relationship there is always one who loves the other more


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