yes, we always have bloppers. like call center agent mispronoucing words and twisting grammar. i never met someone who always take a bath everytime you go out. if im not used of doing. you introduce me to not wearing underwear when your at home. your smell used to kapit on your clothes and pillows. you are the only person that i know that washes clothes seprating the whites, underwear and socks, pambahay, casual clothes and pants which i think is wasting soap. who likes to cook beef with brocolli that always burn our apartment because you slept beside me, luckily we have kind neighbors who woke us up. everyone is afraid when your driving cause you drive furiously but thank you for telling me that everytime im in the car your always careful cause im with you. you love when i do my snow angel on our tiled floor and you always laugh at it. i always make you smile when i do my johnny bravo inpersonation. my cleaniness of our place. how i break your smoking habit. how you love my version of underneath your clothes that ive sang to you over the phone. thank you for taking care for all this years. thank you for teaching me how to use the chop sticks. i know that were not a perfect couple but were happy. im not looking for spending the next 6 years of my life with you but im looking for my forever with you. thank you and i love you


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