this is one of those days that i wanted to write something but i just kept starting it agaun and again. the bitch (excuse me for the term) at kimono ken, the hot production floor (maybe because im wearing my jacket) or about something i heard over the radio. i realize i wanted to write about kids singing christmas song or simply carolling. i dont know but the first time i heard  children singing christmas songs was when we are driving going home. ut was one of the house in our subdivision. they are singing “sa may bahay ang aming bati”. i said to myself “christmas na talaga”. everytime we wake up early night, i always hear this group of children singing “christmas in our hearts” and theyre voice were so angelic. well i should give them 20 php then u realize that they are singing to the other apartment. then other kids followed, i think i heard ten “sa may bahay” in different tones and beats. and ive even heard two boys singing a tagalog “jingle Bells”. i listened hard to their song and lyrics but i really cant understand. ive waited for some kids to singing a caroling song in our apartment but no one came. i wonder if there is a sign on our screen door “walang tao dito”, “tulog kami” or a huge sign “patawad”. maybe because i was just sitting in the stairs and all the lights are out. when driving going to work, a group of kids after they receive the money from a house theyve sing are fighting cause the little taller kid was telling another kid “kay **** natin pahawak ang pera, masuwerte kasi kapag bata”. but the other kid disagree then fist fight. in my mind, your all kids please. no one is mature on that kind of way. love kids singing christmas song.


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