Im a music addicted and being one its really hard for me to find the right ear piece and head set. ive tired using the regular ear piece that after a few usage, sira na. i also tried using the ipod earphones but after 3 months, sira na rin. i think im sablay in finding the right earphones and headset. until one day, he gave me a gift and its BEATS EARPHONES (HEARTBEATS by LADY GAGA) and it was so cool. i immediately used it and its the sound that i really loe. my only complain its masakit in the ear especially when your using your earphones for hours cause it do have a big triangle thing before it gets into our ear but still i love it. then i bought my first beats, its a BEATS INNER EARPHONES black (BEATS by DR DRE). its more convient than the Lady Gaga.  love the sound that its comin out from the earphones, great sound! then i decided to by the red BEATS INNER EARPHONES. love the color! everybody start to get the earphones and i dont like everybody to have that color. then i bought a new one, and this time its white BEATS INNER EARPHONES (BEATS by DR DRE). so far i havent seen anyone using this color yet. i decided also to give a BEATS STUDIO for my birthday last June. and to summarize the experience with the headset, THIS IS IT. its like listening to two big speakers and they had put it on your ear. im still looking for the purple BEATS EARPHONES (JUSTIN BIEBER) cause i have seen anyone using it. lately ive seen the new BEATS TURBINE and im planning to buy it too. IM SO I NTO BEATS!


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