There are so many of you who are on my friends list that it would take me several days to get around to each one of you, to put in your comments, to say from my spirit, Thank You for adding me and being a friend. I would love to meet each and everyone of you, but sadly, I am not a millionaire, I don’t have the money to fly across the country to each state to personally meet you individually, if I could, I surely would. But I do have something for everyone to read from me to each and everyone of you individually from my soul : The Search For Identity.

Everyone here had once said at one time or another, “I just want to be M.E.” ME……The M.ysterious E.lements that makes you who and what and where and when you are. Be true to yourself first…the only way you can begin to solve the mystery of this existance. The truth about purpose. Why is there anything? Why is there you? Why me? Why anybody or anything at this time?
There is a divine plan for such a great creation as you; You are the crown of creation, and not meant to be misused for any matter. It is time for you and me, as a unit of creation, to assume the responsibility and character we so naturally desire : Peace, Unity, Love Understanding and most of all progress of all things that are righteous and true. You are a beautiful person to me and don’t you ever forget that. Each one of you and me has the power of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary- the everyday into the special…You are all very special to me. Thank You everyone for being a friend. M.


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