Last week, when i was bad trip, i told mu support that i will be resigning cause im so tired of everything. From my almost two hours travel, the every month’s dispute, my bonus that will not be given cause of the one minute late and friends resigning. I think that it was not the team but its my will to come to work everyday and perform. I even asked for a sign if i should i really need to go. Two days ago, when i was riding a jeepney, out of nowhere, i saw a jeepney sign that says “Happy Days Are Gone”. Im thinking that this is the sign ivee been waiting for. In the past two days,i dont have any issues about work anymore. Maybe some constant headache but not that big of a deal. I decided to extend for a few more months and i might love our next sched. But for now im staying and hoping that Happy Days Are Not Really Gone. 🙂


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