When i decided to part ways with my almost nine years fuck buddy, i know my life will never be the same again. He stole my youth and support me with all my crazy thoughts about everything. He causes alot of tears and sorrow i should say but those are things of the past. I know he dont need a key chain like myself and the not that strong type of guy that in his head i had become. I said so much i love yous and sorries in this relationship that cause the natural death of this relation. Maybe he is thinking that its only a one way relationship. He give, i get and ask for more. Greedy me! I just remember in one of our fights, when im traveling going to work, i started crying over Linkin Park’s Remix of In The End. Crazy but its true and like Pam Calantuan said that if your brokenhearted, every song i such a pain in your heart. Anyway, i know that i should be sad in what happen to me, yes i must admit that it hurts but its not like i cannot move on at all. I think that the reason i dont feel sad is because i know i had given everything i can to have this relationship working but no matter how hard i try and fail. When i got out of the car the other not because of a small fight and while im waiting for a jeepney and listening to the ipod that he lend me (which im planning to return), i suddenly start to reassess my life. Now that another chapter of my life is closing (why are we keep on compairing our lives to chapter of books? Hmmmmm!) i just want to focus on my life even just for a month then ill get back in writing the pages of the new chapter of my life. 🙂


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