Yes, there is this question that pops on my brain a few days ago, whats the difference of being a leader and being an influence? Being a leader, you influnce the people who are under you. It doesnt mean that you can influence other people your a leader. Influence, for me, is something you say and tell to others that they think they should do, either good or bad. If you been influence, you should know whats the pros and cons of the action you will do in a certain influence. Everybody got their own brain, then think and dont let anyone think for you. Being a leader, you should know how to deal with this influnces being absorb by your people. If you cannot influnce you people more than the people around them shows how weak the leadership is. You become a leader not because they need you there but they have seen the potential in you, to lead people. Is it nice to hear that your people is staying under your wing not because of their friends or the pay but because the value and the influnce a leader is giving to them. Sometimes asking if there is something wrong will not fix anything but simple people skill would do. 🙂


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