Its been five days since i started doing yoga. I dont instally feel flexy but i think that my balance is improving. Its also my first day in the unemployment life. Yes, its kinda boring. Catching up with the latest television series and done loading music albums. Also i got to listen to some album that i converted in my Blackberry and Ipod Touch that i transfered. I already miss working, specially at night. I temporarily shutdown my Facebook so no one can disturb me, but i will turn it on tomorrow. I also got time to catch up with my reading. To tell honestly, i got a lot of books that i didnt read. Its just fun to buy them and see them in my shelves. Im starting to convert all my dvds so i can free some space in my crowded room. Hopefully i can be fit this June and by the way my birthday is coming up. šŸ˜€


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