To tell you the truth, i cannot remeber anything about my father when i was growing up. Only the part that i want to come along with him but he wont let me. I threaten to throw his clothes in the drainage close to our house. When i remember that event, it always put a smile in my face. His an OFW until, i think in my puberty years. And he stayed here for good. He is a good electrician. He fix radio, television, electric fan, name it and he can fix it for you. When he was doing his work on a certain appliance, i always watch. I was amaze with his tools. I even remember that i can assemble a giant robot with all those electrical tools and devices. He also love to eat specially if his not the one paying for it. He does the house chores, washing clothes, cleaning the house and feeding our dog. I dont know how much he love us but i know we love him big time. He is one of the greatest father in the face of our planet. With all his time and effort in molding us to the person i and my sibling had become. Thank You So Much Father! Love Love! šŸ˜€


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