This past few days, im just home, watching tv series, converting dvds and reading books. I also catch up in whats happening to our country. Unlike before when im working, i need to watch the morning show of two big networks to be updated. From the unpredictable appearance of cyclones that are appearing in different parts of our country, the rally the prisoners did in Manila City Jail, and Charice admitting that she likes girls. I was amaze that this hero dog, Kabang is his name, got his snout tagpas cause he save two kids being hit by a vehicle. Travel to the US to have his snout fix and after a few months, return to his home town. I salute the heroism of this dog and i hope he understand what it means. His like the Manny Pacquiao of doghood. Im about to quote one song line from Manny but i cannot connect it to dogs. Then the controversial Pol Medina Jr comics strip cause of the Lesbian issue in Catholic Schools ( or a certain Catholic school). Yes, i should say that Catholic church is over acting in this issue. Yes, i should say that girls in an all girls school specially in a Catholic run school, is not perfect. Its like media suppression. Freedom dude. I believe that the newspaper he is working with didnt take the time to defend him. Well, who will defend you if the company your working is threaten with lawsuits and a huge group that can influence people. Lastly about the gang rape. I think that the comedian who crack the joke about it, technically its not really about it. If your going to be watching it, it didnt have details for the so called gang rape. Everytime i watch the clip, it made me laugh over and over again. I dont know but everyone is starting to be sensitive. I hope that everybody will have a more open mind and huge way of thinking things. 🙂


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