Now a days, people are starting to post pics of themselves with the label (or hashtag) SELFIE. They say that its like being selfish because instead of capturing the surroundings, you are taking pics of yourself and posting it social networking sites. I think, that before the word SELFIE started, im already like that. Maybe they need to put what you call that particular act. I must admit that i like taking picture of myself, especially my unguarded moments cause its precious. It doesnt mean that im selfish but i like people seeing the beauty in me. Sharing it to my social networking sites is the beat way to let them know, friends or followers that there is a me living in the face of the planet ( or i might be thinking how many likes i will get). But of course, you should be responsible on pictures of you that your posting ( if i can post my butt naked pics i will. Please no frontal nudity). If you got it, flaunt it. If you got the courage, post it. If you dont have a face but have the abs infested body, body pics only please. 😀


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