Yes, i didnt make salubong my birthday at exactly 12 midnight cause im sleeping. Around 2 am, i wake up. When i went down and i know that my mother just arrived from the province. I grab my ipod touch and check FB. Started to reply, like and thank all the people who greeted (thank you FB notification in informing my friends that its my day). I just spend my day downloading, watching Arrow series, reading a book and converting dvds. Just my typical bum day. I cant believe it that i have handa for y birthday. Spaghetti that my mother cook, cake from the province, buko salad in a garapon, tupig and puto from Manaoag ( maybe it was blessed). Hehehe! Thank you bebe for taking my to Antipolo to make simba and libre me lunch. I just remembered that 22 years ago, when Mt Pinatubo exploded, i was thinking it was snowing. Must of my birthday, as far as i can remember it was raining like today. They say that wheb it rain on your birthday you will have a lot of blessing. Thank you for all the greetings, great health, lots of money and moments that i will treasure. Wishing for great health not ony for me but also for our whole family and never ending treasures. 😀


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