Its official, its rainy season in the Philippines. And when its raining, flood everywhere. Why do government officials do the drainage fixing during rainy days? Palpak government services. Some municipalities do have ordinance for no plastic but as MMDA said that most of the garbage that are found in drainage systems are plastic. Informal settlers… I hate those people but more to government officials cause in the first place, they should not put their plywood made home where running water for the metro are going. Why are those informal settlers asking for relocation and job close to the site? If i were a official, i will have a list of the name of those informal settlers and say it to their face if they dont have their names on the official list “humanap kayo ng lilipatan nyo”. Its not a responsibility of the government to relocate and find jobs!!! Now im mad. But, yes, all of us are part of the flooding in the metro but we change do little steps to make a change. Lets enjoy the rain (and squatter kids take a swimming at the flood water). 😀


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