After almost two weeks, im back for my NBI. I decided to go afternoon so noone will be in line to get it. When i arrived, i went directly to the releasing part and after two weeks, she decided that i need to go to NBI main. What the fuck?! So here i am traveling. Im thinking that i just go tomorrow but because im already out i decided to ride a jeepney going to LRT 2 and go na. I really dont have any idea where the hell is NBI main. So i decided to text some of my friends. Luckily before i arrive at Recto station, Harry (husband of Effy) texted me right away. Gave me instructions about how to go. I was walking to LRT 1 and thinking if i will go the train way or te regular commuter’s way. When i saw that alot of people are waiting for the train i decided to ride a jeepney. Traffic all the way to the UN Avenue area plus i need to sit on the part where the sun is shining. When i get to the avenue, i asked a security guard. I cannot hear his voice but he was very arrogant. Anak ng tupa! I wanted to tweet at NBI but its a waste of time. I just think that standing under the sun and being dehydrated might be some of his reason why his not accommodating. Then here we got with the interview and the arrow inside the building said that it was on the second floor but i think it was just saying that applicant’s need to go straight. Then the waiting begin for my name to be called. When i was being interviewed, she just asked me that if i had any case of rape. Darn! When i saw the case, the first name and middle name is spelled incorrect. My god. Meron pang parang panunumpa churva for the affidavit of denial. Ok! I raped someone daw 3:30 i will get my NBI. Waiting now. đŸ˜€


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