When os the last time that ive seen some of my elementary classmates? Its like forever. Yah! Right! A ping from one of my classmates in elementary ping on my FB account. Theyre saying that there is a plan for a reunion. It will be weekend so all ot maybe some of us could come. Then a status where almost everyone is included. Then the date and place was set. I was thinking that this get together will never take place. Yesterday, after i finish showering, a call from Ate Janet and she said that we need to go to this reunion. So in five minutes, i dressed up and went into their house. I saw John Ernest which i last saw like two or three years ago and Ate Janet for almost five months. We walk to one of our classmates house , Marilyn, but will be susunod cause she is doing something. We when straight to Jean Pierre’s house. He said it was unexpected. But here we are. A little update to in whats happening to our lives. Lorie May arrives also. While Pierre and John is out to buy what we are going to drink, we take about our lives and love life. Then the drinking session began. After a few rounds, John needs to leave cause of family reason but promise to return. I become the tagasalin. Rowena arrives and she likes Daniel Padilla daw. Hahaha! After a few hours, John return. Our pulutan is chitchirya and litsong manol. Pierre’s nephew is getting all the chitchirya and drinking all the iced tea that is the chaser for the matador (yun ba yun?). He is super hyperactive to the point that he hampas the dog with dos por dos. We opened up and ended some issues that are circulating. Then the last person to arrive is Marilyn. By the way, we also got the bfs of two other girls. I admit that i got tipsy and saying that i will leave at 7. Then it became 9. Then it become 11 and we decided to end the party at 2 in the morning. Lorie May and Rowena got so drunk that theyve slept while everyone is drinking. Hehehe. The rest are just tipsy. Its really i fun night of sharing and remembering. I know that this kind of gathering will happening but not in the near future but it will happen again. 😀


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