I should say that when i started drinking this over expensive coffee, i didnt know that it comes with donut. The very first donut ive eaten us Honey Glaze donut. I must admit that i never ordered any other donut besides from this one. Yes its a donut with lots of fatening sugar as a cover. Hahaha! I like sweet. Then after drinking coffee for several years from this coffee shop, i ordered again this donut. While i was walking toward the counter to order my Coffee Jelly Venti (which by the way, the only thing ive ordered ever aince cause im getting tired of picking what coffee to order. Hehehe! Before i used to order cold drinks then i was confuse what are te cold and hot drinks sp i decided to stick to one. ) i was looking at the pastries but i cannot sight my Honey Glaze. Then she asked me if i was pastries, i said “meron ba kayong Honey Glaze?”. Ok but still confused cannot see where it is. She handed me a tray with a donut. Its not what ive order. Its like a deformed versions of the past Honey Glazes that ive eaten. Then my fork cuts to its bun and taste it. Its not so Honey Glaze-y. I didnt even bother to finish it cause of the taste. Im dissappoint. I hope, i will recover from its downfall. 😦


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