I started my day by taking a shower at four in the morning. By the way, Manila time is an hour ahead. They do have bathtub and the shower is in hot and cold. Around 7 am, we went down to eat breakfast. Its just next to the front desk. Wow food. Besides from the regular egg (which are in brown shells), sausage (which i dont like) and ham. There are i think authentic Thai food. Fried rice and regular rice dont taste nice. I think there is like spices added to it. There is also this ulam with like squid balls and they taste good. They also gave a nilaga version which taste weird but good. Fish breading with sabaw, pata thai which taste excellent, coffee that is pure and a salad and fruit bars. Dont try the green leaf stirred fry ulam, its kinda bitter and the lugaw doesnt have lasa. Maybe there is something you can put there to have it a taste and dont miss the bread that are arrange by their barehands. Hahaha! We started walking and it feels like Quiapo, pirated dvds are all over te place. There are like statues and some temples you cannot miss and they are so nice to visit. It is also if you have a map pala. If you just want a cheap map there is a free one in the airport but its not that accurate. You can just walk going to The Grand Place and Wat Po from Royal Hotel and there are temples you can enter. It will just require you to take off your shoes if you want to go inside the temple. I will also give some tips that you should remember if you just want to walk and some bus numbers you can ride. Wat Pho is a large temple with the reclining buddha inside. Alot of tourist are visiting this and i mean alot. You need to pay 100 baht so you can explore around and you will get free water. You really need water cause its very dehydrating walking around. There are alot of this tower with tiles designs and its really a great picturing taking oppurtunity there are also. The main attraction is the reclining buddha and its really big. Dont wear shorts, sleeveless shirts and take off your shoes before you get in. Its really a huge buddha. There is like an activity that you can do inside, behind the buddha’s back. You just need to pay 20 baht and you just need to drop coins in like palayok metal until the end so you will be blessed. In the front of Wat Po is the Grand Palace. Alot of tourist again. Some reminders and you can just deposit 200 baht and they can give you pants and covers and you get your money back after that. The entrance is for 500 baht (huwat!) and its only good for 2 hours. We didnt do it. Its expensive. I rather spend it in food. Cross the street and go to the second bus stop. Be careful cause buses do have numbers but they stops in different stop depending on whats there number. When you take a bus 60 you can go down in a street where lead you to some temples again and a giant swing. Its like an entrance to a shrine but its in the middle of the street. You an also see the Freedom Momument. Nothing special on it. A few walks from there is like a art gallery and people there are so nice (cause ive asked direction getting back to the train station. Its for 100 baht only and you can enjoy 4 hours of tour inside. But if you dont want to spend that much time, there are also route that you can choose for two hours only for the same price so go for the four hours. If that is the end of your tour for today, just walk going to the Bangkok National Museum and cross the street, wait for a bus 79 or 511 going to Pajhatavi station BTS (Bangkok Train Station) which is also interconnected with the other trains and there is a route map that is for free that you can get. Because we are going to Phuket the next day, we road to Mo Chit sation which cost 37 baht. Or if you want a longer ride, you can ride bus 59 but im not sure if that passes directly to the Don Meang Airport or not but you can ask. Or just take taxi. But if you want to take a bus after BTS, ride bus 29 and it will take you directly to the airport which cause 16 baht. You just walk going to the airport and if you want to still check in in a hotel there is an Amari Airport Hotel that cause 1600 baht and its just two minutes walk to the airport. But being backpackers, we rather sleep in the airport for the first time to save money. 😀


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