Im so excited to go to Thailand but im also nervous. Why? Cause i havent been to Thailand and few people speak English. Two weeks before our flight, i already research some hotels and places to see in that country. Two days before our flight, Dave texted me that the new sched is a day earlier. Ok! I quickly re-did our itinerary cause i havent look at any hotels in Bangkok. I slept late and woke up so eary cause i need to go to Dave’s office around five in the morning. I just checked some items that i didnt put on the bag when he give it to me the other day. I arrived and drink an expensive coffee to pass my time waiting. He mention that we need to leave early even our flight is scheduled 3 pm cause his car is coding. The wait in the Clark International Airport is so long. Boredom stirkes playing Sugar Crush and Minion Rush, checking with the plan is also long cause they are not preferred. The travel from Clark to Bangkok (which by the way is Suvarnabhumi Airport is less than 3 hours. Long flight right? When we landed, i got out my printed itinerary and check how to do public transportation in a country where some only understands english. Information booth is very useful in asking direction. There is a train from the airport to Phaya Thai. It cost 90 bath. From there you need to walk going to exit 2. All you need to do is walk straight and cross the street when you reach an intersection. There are many hotels in the way and it would be your decision if you want to stay in the city or go to places that are close to the temples. You can ride bus numbers to hotels close to Wat Po and The Grand Palace. There is the Royal Hotel which is a few walks after the bus stop. Its kinda price but the place is good but not the surroundings. The room here cause from 1300 to 2100 bath depending how many people will stay in the room. But you can haggle for the one room for 1300 if your traveling in twos. They dont have wifi or it doesnt include yet and the tv doesnt have any other foreign stations, all in Thai which i enjoy watching even i cant understand. It also gives you buffet breakfast (yehey!) and you can use their pool. The other is the Sawasdee Welcome Inn, this is really cheap. Its the next bus stop after the bus stop in Royal Hotel. Its really a backpackers hotel. The review wasnt that good for the inn but if you wanted just a place you can sleep its the place for you. I must warn you that homeless people are all over the place. I even saw street dwellers with this large fan. Hahaha! There is also 2 7/11 stores in the place. While walking to Royal Hotel and behind te hotel. I dont know if the inn do have conveniet stores too. :). A reminder that have the name of the places you wanted to go written in Thai Language so people can easily understand you and point you to the right direction. And also on the Royal Hotel, asked assistance going to the elevator cause you might get lost and im sure you will. 😀


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