This us to protect you when you go to Thailand and to remember.
– do not disrespect the royal family. They love them so much.
– do not tap their head. They believe that its the highest temple of the body and needs to be respected.
– do not show the sole of your feet. As the head is the highest, the sole of the feet and its a sign of disrespect.
– do haggle. Price that taxi and vendor are providing are higher than normal. Put your tawad powers to the test.
– do not just talk to someone that speak english very well and dont believe them. This are persons that will attempt to help you but their are scamming you. They will tell you that the place you need to go us close and will tell you to go somewhere. They do get commissions for it.
– do not buy something that you dont any knowledge about. There are things and jewerlies that might be fake.
– read blogs and reviews before you go to certain hotels to make sure they are good for your stay.
– to save money, learb how to ride the buses and trains. It will save you a lot of money.
– if your going to the airport and youre always hungry (like me), buy food at 711. Food in the airport cost 100-300 baht.
– sleep at the airport so you can save money for pasalubong. Its not that bad.
– have all the places you need to go, so it would be easier, should be written in Thai language. There are tourist information boths in same places that you can ask directions and also inside the mall.
– check the schedule time ofthe places you wanted to visit so those scammers will not fool you.
– taste the local noodle dishes, its delicious.
– there is no free wifi in Bangkok but you can have it in the hotel your staying or if they offer it.
– have a screen capture of all the places you wanted to go. It will save you time in asking for direction and only few people speak english here.
– ALWAYS THANK PEOPLE THAT HELP YOU ALONG WITH YOUR VISIT. Or just get a tour guide for quicker round of tour.


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